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41 Years of Industry Leading Products | TWR’s Inception

Since the introduction of their first beacon in 1981, TWR Lighting has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and supporting world class obstruction lighting systems and monitoring solutions for telecommunication, broadcasting, wind, and other structures that present a hazard to aviation. TWR’s priority remains to provide clients with industry-leading lighting solutions with unrivaled customer support, service, and a focus on upholding our founder’s legacy.

George Jackson, an ambitious man who worked in telecommunication sales, saw a need in the industry for quick lead times and high-quality lighting systems. With a determination to be successful, George founded TWR Lighting Inc. knowing he could address the demands of the telecommunications industry. Taking a leap into this new venture, George hired an engineer and began facilitating the manufacturing and installation of incandescent lighting systems for telecommunication towers. The newly founded company saw great success, which led George to take the company to new markets, producing Xenon strobe systems while continuing to light structures in other industries.

TWR's first LED beacons

Forwarding to the early 2000’s, TWR Lighting developed their first LED beacons, which required less maintenance and decreased costs for tower owners in comparison to the previous incandescent lighting systems. This expansion proved to be an amazing success, positioning TWR’s LED beacons as best-sellers in the obstruction lighting industry.

As the importance of clean energy began to rise, TWR maintained George Jackson’s driven attitude and expanded outside of the telecommunication industry. The new segment marked the creation of a brand new line of custom obstruction lighting systems to illuminate both onshore and offshore wind farms. This segment has now become one of their most profitable segments and continues to grow at a rapid pace, especially with the recent signing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which includes the largest single investment in clean energy in the history of the United States.

In 2012, the company added Hark Systems to the TWR Product mix. They wanted to broaden the scope of the company from obstruction lighting to obstruction monitoring. The addition of Hark Systems enabled TWR to offer a 24/7/365 monitoring service through its Network Operation Center. The TWR NOC features a team of experienced engineers to provide custom solutions to any foreseeable problem, as well as an online portal which gives customers access to the monitoring process from the comfort of their desk.

More recently, at the end of 2020, TWR designed and introduced the TWR STAR Series, a line of medium-intensity flashing LED obstruction beacons including the LONESTAR and REDSTAR beacons. Designed for reliable day and night time marking of tower and wind structures, the STAR Series lineup integrates a robust mechanical structure and modular electronics with the most advanced LED optics and controls, creating the cleanest installation by only requiring a single controller and cable. Additionally, they reduce the amount of current that must be drawn to illuminate the beacons, lowering the power consumption on the system and extending the life of the products. The STAR Series beacons are also capable of accepting AC or DC input power, and offer the first ever optional power supply available in the beacon or in the controller.

Even with all of the expansion that has taken place since George Jackson founded the company in 1981, TWR strives to uphold George’s vision of growth for the company. As they continue to grow and expand, TWR preserves George’s tenacious spirit to keep the company moving forward and maintain their position as a leader in the obstruction lighting industry.

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