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TWR Lighting provides state of the art, confidential, secure, 24/7 monitoring from our Houston, Texas location. 

TWR Obstruction Light Monitoring

Toll Free Number 

TWR Monitoring Location

Secure Monitoring Location

TWR Obstruction Lighting Monitoring NOTAM Filing and Closing

Filing and Closing of NOTAM 

TWR Obstruction Lighting 24 hour monitoring

24/7/365 Operation and Response

TWR Obstruction Lighting Digital Monitoring

Digital Monitoring available 

TWRLighting Obstruction Monitoring with Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time 

TWR Obstruction Lighting Reporting

Customer tailored reporting capabilities

TWR Lighting Obstructon Lighting Online Portal

Online Portal for Customer Access

Obstruction Lighting Troubleshooting of FAA certified Lights

Troubleshooting of Light Alarms

Ability to Monitor and Report Activity or Failures

TWR Lighting Network Operation Center has the ability to report activity or failures of light systems, card access systems, HVAC units, compound shelter temperatures, smoke and heat, incoming AC voltages and any additional site items that provide a "Form C" dry contact (normally open/closed).

Monthly or annual contracts provide interim or long term monitoring security of our customer's site and equipment. For specific information about how we can monitor your tower lights and site equipment, please contact TWR at 713-973-6905 and speak with a representative about how TWR Lighting Inc. can begin monitoring your sites today.

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