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The STAR Series are medium intensity flashing LED obstruction beacons designed for reliable day and night time marking of structures. This light integrates a robust mechanical structure and modular electronics with the most advanced LED optics and controls creating the cleanest installation by only requiring a single controller and cable, making this the easiest lighting system to maintain and operate in the industry.

The modular electronics allow for field repairs. This medium intensity flashing beacon is capable of accepting AC or DC input power and offers the first ever optional power supply available in the beacon or in the controller.

LONESTAR-b6a9aa39 (1).png


Key Features

  • Five-year warranty

  • Electronics available in light fixture or at ground level

  • Modular design, easy access to all components

  • Simpler cable installation

  • Low power consumption

  • 15-20 years of operation

  • Infra-red (IR) included

  • Transient protection per IEEE C62.41-1991

  • Optional GPS synchronization

  • Option DC power supply

Standards and Certifications

  • FAA AC70/7460-1M

  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume 2

  • CAR 621

  • DGAC


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