• FAA Tower Lighting for Broadcast and Telecommunications

    Tower Lighting Solutions

    Obstruction Lighting Products & Services for Telecommunications and Broadcast Towers
  • FAA Wind Turbine Lighting

    Wind Turbine Lighting

    Temporary and Permanent LED Obstruction Lighting Solutions with Wireless GPS Flash Synchronization for marking Wind Turbines
  • FAA Approved obstruction lighting for Transmission Towers, Catenary Crossings, Chimneys, Cooling Stacks and Flare Stacks

    Utility Lighting

    LED Lighting Solutions for Transmission Towers, Catenary Crossings, Chimneys, Cooling Stacks and Flare Stacks
  • Tower Lighting System - Remote Monitoring Service

    Monitoring Service

    Network Operation Center (N.O.C.) Provides 24/7 Site Monitoring


Since our inception in 1981, TWR has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and supporting world class obstruction lighting systems and monitoring solutions for structures that present a hazard to aviation.

As it was in the beginning, our goal remains to assist our customers with exemplary guidance in maintaining regulatory compliance and offer robust, industry-leading products with unrivaled customer support and service to the Telecommunications, Broadcast, Utility and Renewable Wind Energy industries in the Americas.


  • Industry Leading Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Tenured, Knowledgable Sales Staff
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership



Update on Recent Events - COVID-19

TWR OL1-ST 32 Candela Red LED Solar Temporary Light

OL1-ST Solar Temporary Light

Weather Resistant, Fully Enclosed 32cd Red LED Temporary Light.
TWR DMCIP Alarm Monitoring System

DMCIP Alarm Monitoring System

TCIP/IP, Wireless Alarm Delivery via SNMP to Existing NMS Management System or TWR NOC. Features 10 Standard Alarm Inputs and is Expandable.
Featured Products & Services

Tower Monitoring Service

TWR Network Operating Center (NOC)

24 Hours a Day.
365 Days a Year.

With TWR's N.O.C. Tower Monitoring Service, you never have to worry about lighting failures.

TWR Monitoring Service


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