TWR Hark NOC Software


NOC Software Demo Link (Username: demo, Password: demoTWR)

  • Description

    NOC Software Tower Event Management Product
    The Hark NOC Software runs on a conventional PC to provide the tower site owner/manager a full featured site event and alarm management tool. Site information can be maintained along with contact information, NOTAMS, site notes, and site non-NOTAM issue tracking. Contact information such as local maintenance shop and local FSS station informatin is conveniently stored and available at the click of a mouse button.

    The system features an automatic RUOK process with all records and events stored on the hard drive to protect your site event records. Remote diagnostics via a real-time screen helps trouble shoot obstruction light alarms or other events. This software is compatible with all of the remote site solutions provided by Hark. Combine with Hark'sWebNOC software for the ultimate in event/alarm reporting and database management.
  • Key Features

    • View and acknowledge alarms
    • Maintain site contacts, notes and shop information
    • Maintain site issues
    • Maintain NOTAMs
    • Username and Password protected access with security levels
    • Client/Server Database
  • Download

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