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  • Description

    FAA Type L-810 / ICAO Type A&B Red LED Solar Lighting System

    The VLB-5 is the new benchmark for low-intensity solar LED obstruction lighting in an easy-to-install, low maintenance package. The VLB-5 LED Beacon has a wide range of applications including marking of wind turbines, bridges, towers and other hazards to navigation. The wide asymmetrical vertical profile meets the requirements of the FAA L-810 and ICAO Type A & B obstacle lights.

  • Key Features

    Easy Programming

    • Using the TVIR programmer (Remote-02) allows the beacon to be programmed one feature at a time. The VLB-5 confirms the settings by flashing the programming code back to the user.
    • Using a computer and the IRDA interface (Prog-01) allows all the VLB-5 settings to be displayed on a screen and downloaded or retrieved in a single action.
    • Automatic Schmidt-Clausen intensity correction for short flashes.
    • Multiple effective intensity settings.
    • Day/Night transition level settings.
    • Programmable flash characters.
    • Synchronization control including master/slave options and sync delay.
    • Programmable sleep and test modes.
    • Programmable transport mode so that the VLB-5 can be programmed before deployment. 
    • Programmable low battery voltage cut out.
    • Program control of the IRDA and RS-232.
  • Specs

    • Beacon spread of 10° at 50% peak intensity
    • Peak intensity at 8° above horizontal
    • Programmed intensity occurs at +6° and +10° above the horizontal
    • 32.5cd programmed for FAA Type L-810
    • 10cd programmed for ICAO Type A hazard light
    • 32cd programmed for ICAO Type B hazard light
    • Design life of 12 years
    • Waterproof body to IP68
    • Available in 12Ah and 24Ah

    Electrical Performance

    • Battery Voltage: 12V DC
    • Operating Voltage: 9V to 18V DC
    • Haze Solar Gel Battery: 12Ah or 24Ah (2 x 12Ah)
    • Battery Life: 6-Years expected
    • Charging: Stops at -20°C
    • Solar Panels: Mono-crystalline
    • Solar Panel Orientation: Vertical, 4 panels 90° in azimuth
    • Current for fixed character intensity at +6° and +10°: 85 mA (FAA L-810), 115 mA (ICAO B)
    • Night off Current: 2.5 mA (4.5 mA with GPS)
    • Day Current: 0.3 mA
    • The GPS sync option requires 10 mA for 2 minutes every 20 minutes (1 mA average)


    • United States FAA AC 150/5345-43H
    • ICAO Annex 14, Volume I
  • Options

    • RS-232 or RS-485 data port
    • GPS synchronization
    • Hardwired synchronization
    • External charging plug
    • Monitoring via alarm/monitor wire (beacon healthy), utilizing RS-232 or RS-485, or using the alarm/monitor connection option

    Solar Power Options

    • Sized to allow the VLB-5 to be used over a wide range of locations and applications
    • Long life GEL lead acid battery capable of being charged down to a temperature of -20°C
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